PMC Presentation : Performance Management Conseil

PMC Performance Management Conseil is a private company founded in 2010 for continuing Education.Our company is licensed by the State under registration number 12/426/10. It organizes seminars permanently inter-and intra-company. Training topics offered cover virtually all areas of business law and business management.

Place of conducting our seminars

Our inter-company seminars take place in the most prestigious hotels in Tunis • The place of the seminars intra-company is determined by mutual agreement prior to commencement of the action.

Custom Actions

All seminars contained in our programs and / or training catalogs can be made on request intra-company (for the staff of one company). Just contact us for more information

Teaching methods and documentation

We use the most resources and teaching and learning materials to the page, and, depending on the specifics of the topics and real needs for the proper conduct seminars. A rich and exclusive documentation in the form of brochures, loose-leaf binders, books and CD-ROM is automatically given to each participant.

New measures introduced during the year

The list of seminars described in our programs is scalable. Indeed, seminars and new cycles may be created during the years, and, according to the news and the needs expressed by businesses. They will be brought to the attention of the public well in advance of the deadlines for their conduct.